When relationships end

Break up, end, relationshipStaying in a relationship is never smooth sailing. More like traversing a raging ocean on a turbulent storm. Yeah. Relationships are high maintenance social phenomenon. People who get involved with it are so lucky to be able to, but the “fun” doesn’t stop there. From thereon a lot of work actually takes place.

There are a lot of ways to meet the perfect someone these days. You could try traditional dating or the more popular ones like online dating. Online dating sites hold so much potential when it comes to finding dates. You could try online dating sites now and see what they can do for you. Most of them offer free online dating services anyway.

So once you find the perfect partner, you now have to keep it. But sadly, and statistically at that, not all of them end up in front of the church doors. Most of them inevitably end. There are a lot of reasons why this is so. Some couple are even left unawares of the causes but let me tell you now my fried, relationships don’t really end well over nothing.

Break up, end, relationship
So what are the common causes of breakups? Well here are some of the more common reasons that usually push a relationship over the edge:

Misconceptions of the ideal partner. Because of the hard process that one must go through in search for it, we inadvertently build up expectations on how our ideal partner would turn out to be. We build this false image and we expect her to immediately fall into that place. If she doesn’t, we’ll most likely disregard her immediately. If she happens to fit however, we try everything to make her as close as possible. That’s why a minor flaw on her part creates so much relationship strain. This is a big no-no. This kind of thinking, unfortunately not uncommon, must not be adapted at the dating stage.

Yes dating is hard but it means that you should give everyone a chance. Don’t be in such a rush to find the one. Learn how to know and appreciate people for who they really are not for who you imagine them to be. Guess what? Nobody is perfect! And relationships are full of compromises so be sure to accept that possibility before committing to one. Because if you don’t, it’ll likely end up in heartbreak.

Another main reason is excessive emotional baggage. When starting a new one, it is better to totally leave the old one behind. Don’t mention it as much as possible because it’ll only express either a yearning for it or deep bitterness to what it has done to you. Many of us have been hurt in the past but we must all move past it too. So if you want your current one to last, then leave the old one behind.

So how do you move on if worse comes to worse? Well a healthy philosophy that I always want to adapt is that if it doesn’t last, then it wasn’t meant to be. That that someone you want to be with is still out there. So just go ahead and search for her right away. Pining over a broken one only consumes your time so don’t wallow in it much. The world is vast, and with dating, you’ll have boundless opportunities.

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