When it’s Time to Let Go

“When you love someone set him free…” is one of the most popular sayings when it comes to love. But how would we know when it’s time to save the relationship, and when it’s time to let go?

  1. One or both of you doesn’t look forward upon see your partner anymore. Let’s admit it, you need not see each other every single day. But when one or both of you started to feel like communicating with your partner is just like a chore, then maybe it’s time to think of going out.
  2. Comparing him or her to another person. No one likes to be compared; especially when in the relationship. Just think of this, “if he or she really loves you, then why compare you to other person… or worse, to his or her ex?”
  3. (Trying to) Change your partner. When you love someone, you have to accept him or her for whatever he or she is. Do not convert your partner. People change and we cannot change “change.
  4. Nonstop communication with your ex. Once you broke up with an ex, cut the communication. There is no point of reconnecting with an ex especially if you are attached. If you cannot cut your communication with your ex, then maybe it’s time to come up with an exit plan.
  5. Below-the-belt Jokes. There is a clear difference between being humorous and insulting. If the jokes are no longer funny, then it may be time to bolt.
  6. Give and Take. NOT! Having a relationship is a two-way ride. It is a mutual benefit. If the other isn’t doing the giving part and is over benefiting over the other, then it isn’t healthy for both parties anymore.
  7. He/She’s not in your top priority. It is understandable that you need to spend some time with your friends and family, but doing it constantly isn’t healthy anymore, especially when you no longer look forward to be private with your partner.
  8. Your pals don’t feel him/her anymore. In a relationship, it doesn’t have to be vital that your friends like your partner or not – but once your pals started to not feel his or her affect on you anymore, then maybe it’s time to go. Yes, your friends will be there even if they don’t like your partner, but think also that they’d rather see you as you really are even without him or her… if you treat them right.
  9. Your self-esteem dropped. When you are in love, they say you have to be “blooming.” But once you start to feel low, not feel good about yourself, then it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.
  10. Trust isn’t there anymore. When you started to feel not trusted at first, you may felt it strange. But constant feeling of this may mean something is wrong. Remember, trust is one an important factor in a relationship; you don’t want to be with someone who don’t trusts you, don’t you?

Being in love is the greatest feeling of all. But all of us should know when it is time to re-think and re-evaluate if the relationship is still worth-saving.


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