Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

There are over 40 million people having ventured into the online dating arena. You may be aware of protecting your privacy on the internet and you know better than providing your personal information to any guys that comes along. But did you know that online dating has unwritten rules and sticking to these rules is crucial to your online dating success?

First and foremost, lower you expectations.

It may sound surprising, but unfortunately, over 95% of people entering the online dating scene don’t actually find their match. Under these, most people throws in the towel after a couple of disappointing previous dates. You should be perseverant since online dating is a process. It will take time and persistence. This simply means that a lot of patience is required to search, filter, send email, chat and date before you can succeed. That is why it is important to keep you expectations low. After all, wouldn’t you like to be pleasantly surprised than be deeply disappointed?

Take time to respond

You might think it is important to respond immediately to emails, but let yourself slow down. You might not want to be too eager or desperate about it, and taking time to reply will allow you to gather your thoughts and give appropriate response. Responding during weekends and especially holidays must be avoided to maintain your good image.

Simply be yourself

When writing your online profile, you might be tempted to write some white lies. Even it is about your age, height, weight, career or marital status – don’t give in the temptation. Remember that trust is very important in all relationships and it would be a risk to break a great relationship in the first place. Once you meet your date, the truth will be revealed and this can spoil your relationship. Besides this, lying would require great memory and it will add to unecessary stress instead of having to enjoy the online dating.

Women letting themselves be chased

As the familiar cliche: men are born hunter, so let them hunt. Yes we are in a 21st century where men have equal rights and to all purposes, we are living in a civilized society. So do not chase him per email. Rather, be sophisticated and let him chase you. Being chase by men will truly enhance your online dating experience.

Internet is a great help, it enables the world to shrink to a single neighborhood wherein a boy or girl next door that you want to date may actually on another part of the world or even in a city nearby. Keeping all these in your mind, then definitely there is a high chance for you to land on a fish you truly want.

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