Tips on How to Attract Women

We all knew that there is an endless debate between men and women. If you are a guy, then you might debate about girls. If you are a girl, you might debate about guys. And we all wanted to know how the opposite sex live. These includes what they like and what makes them happy. This is normal since a lot of us are starting to meet and embrace a life with the opposite sex. Women wanted to know and understand men while men wanted to know the ways how to attract women. Although, we still lack some of the answers among that questions. Hopefully men weren’t tired as women yet.

Each one of us act differently when we tend to meet someone of the opposite sex. And this depends on how we find them attractive. If you are single and looking for a partner, then most likely you would be nervous and at the same time excited. While those who were on a marriage wouldn’t care at all. Because they were already attached to someone they love, the person wouldn’t be that important as a someone would think, or feels. Most people at their 20s would wanted to know the best ways to attract women, and some wouldn’t take that long to figure it out.

The first thing is confidence. But not too much that someone may consider it as an arrogance. No one like a person who fancies himself more than anyone else. Confidence is golden. Women would like to have a partner who has confidence in himself. It will make him attractive than he really is.

Second thing is grooming. Women would prefer a man who knows how to take care of himself and looks presentable. Busy back, fat gut, and dirty teeth are unwelcome. This is the same if you want your woman looks nasty. And finally, success is another way to attract women. Success is important in these times. But that doesn’t mean you have to be like Donald Trump. Instead, you should strive to reach and succeed in whatever you want. This is crucial, and women like it.

Funny how men really try very hard to impress or even seduce a woman. And funny thing how women created not to be stupid and are aware what you are really doing. Being sexually aware of the surroundings is a factor that most men doesn’t consider. Men have to be a master to judge the character of a woman.

What type of person is she?
What things will make her turn on?

Successful women will think in the long term looking to find a partner to spend the rest of their lives with. So another tip is to be desirable. Women are aware with their pretty looks and doesn’t need to be reminded frequently. Behave like you’re a visitor looking for an information. You the choice and you will be in business and ultimately you enter the game. Suddenly you will engineer all the knowledge into a relationship by being the man with intelligence.

Meet a woman on a neutral ground before you try to start a conversation. Learn how to be cool and don’t lay all your cards on the table. Treat her with respect and don’t try to pick her up like a loose change. Pulling her arm or grabbing is not the goal. Be a gentleman and show how real you are. Berkeley women are relaxed but tech oriented. So be cautious and this mean you have be on the ball. Or else one slip and you’re dead.

If you wanted to understand and attract women, then take the advice above. Of course, remember to be a gentleman. Only young and naive girls who let men treat them like dirt.

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