The Need for Marriage Dating

We are living in a world full of expectations and disappointments. A person that haven’t experienced that is not human! All the people in this world have that experience that at a point of our lives we are living in our own expectations for ourselves and others also. That is because we have different personal goals in our lives that we have to accomplish. That is psychology in action but what I would want to talk about is the need for marriage dating and on how expectations and disappointments affect that need.

People in one way or the other have the unique need to be with someone that could stay with them as long as possible. That someone is the one that lets you share your own ideas and feelings and express them without any hesitations. This particular need will eventually create another need and that is marriage- to have a union and vow with someone to forever stay together no matter what happens. In order for that particular vow to stay as it is and to develop, marriage dating should therefore be practiced.

Marriage dating does not mean that couples should separate ways in order to date other people. This means the opposite: couples should do marriage dating to further know each other such that the relationship will be stronger and will remain. People are constantly changing while they grow up and because of that main reason there is a need to update and do marriage dating for couples everywhere.

The main reason why relationships do not last long is because of the lack of communication between the people involved. And that is also the main component of marriage dating- a good communication by married people.

People react on other’s expectations as the basis of what they should or should not do. These expectations make our lives go round. They do not necessarily have to come from another person but more importantly from ourselves. We set goals for ourselves to develop and grow. Disappointments on the other hand is because we haven’t realize those expectations from other people and from ourselves.

We are expected to get married and form a family. But searching for that someone to do that is too hard that it disappoints us. A person should therefore be courageous enough to stay strong and at the same time to think positive that there will be that someone who will be their partner for life

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