The Beginning of Another Attraction

So you’re involved in a steady relationship. You’re happy where you’re at and are actually satisfied with how everything is working out. You can’t ask for anything more and honestly, you actually don’t.

But then someone comes along that stirs the same heat in you. You, inadvertently, fall in love with that person as well. You are now “torn between two lovers” as the song aptly puts it. Do you break it off with your current partner to try something new or do you pass up the chance and stay with this equally satisfying commitment? What do you do?

Well I don’t know it this could comfort you in any way but this situation happens a lot. Marriages have suffered divorces because of this. Many long-term relationships ended. Mostly because both parties fail to understand the real situation and frequently goes about the wrong way when doing so. In the end, they make decisions that only hurts them both.

The first thing that you must do is to carefully evaluate the relationship that you’re already in and the one that you plan to involve yourself in. If you think that being in the current one makes you long for something missing then find out if you’re losing more than you’re going to gain. Trying it just for kicks is not worth sacrificing a steady relationship like yours.

But if you really want to pursue this new addition then judge if your reasons are compelling enough. Don’t go for it because you’re only attracted to him or her physically. That’s one definite no-no. Because such things will pass and besides issues like sexual satisfaction could be readily discussed with your partner anyway.

A relationship shouldn’t be taken up haphazardly thus should not be based on physical attraction allow. It has to be gained from nurturing an amazing connection through constant care and attention. If you choose to hastily disregard all of that, it’s possible that you’ll only encounter pain when you decide to try a new one.

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