Office Romance: Boon or Bane?

Love is a pretty enigmatic thing. Sometimes we fall into it in places that we never thought of and in circumstances that we surely didn’t imagine. Like falling in love with someone you work with for example. A lot of people believe that this may even be the perfect place to fall in love in. You spend most of your time with her thus giving you a lot of opportunities to really know her. But of course we all know that it isn’t that simple.

A lot of issues are associated with office romances. Just think of a situation where a co-worker suddenly courts you by sending you gifts, imagine the gossip that would follow! There are companies that include not dating as part of their policy because it may compromise the work quality and the company’s professionalism. So before you think of getting yourself involved in one, make sure that you know the possible ramifications that doing so entails.

Decision making capabilities are greatly affected by office romances as it inevitably leads to biases favoring your significant other. If you are part of the same team, your work will greatly suffer once you incorporate your personal feelings for each other to your work environment so be wary of that possibility.

There will also be ego-based problems especially if you’re on different playing field levels. What do you think will happen when one of you gets promoted? When one of you becomes subordinated? A lot of problems could ensue because of that.

One common measure that companies take to address office romance these days is reassignment. They choose to reassign a certain employee to prevent any compromises on their work output that could be the result of an office romance. Think first if you want to be responsible for the possible reassignment of your partner before having an office romance.

Your reputation may also suffer. What will others think? They may think that the boss is just patronizing you because you are dating even if it’s far from the truth. Or that you get special treatment from your team leader. If you’re ready to deal with such notions and perceptions then you are ready to date someone in the workplace. But if you find being in situation like that uncomfortable then maybe you should think twice.

But of course that doesn’t mean that workplace dating is just a path of daggers. There are also perks that come with dating someone from the same office. One is that you’ll find a partner who will understand your feelings about work and the stress or gratification it brings you because he or she can empathize with your work surroundings. When at work, you pretty much share a lot with each other.

Just remember to keep it discreet at first especially when you are just on the courting and dating phase. It will be so much easier once you are in a more meaningful relationship but otherwise, heed this advice. No matter the consequences and perks that dating someone from work gives, remember that there is a fine line between your social life and professional life. And you must learn to recognize it as to not cross that threshold. If you put that in mind, then office romance will be a hell of a lot less complicated.

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