Is She For Real???

We’ve all heard it for sure- Online dating spammers. Nowadays, gazillion people are registered with a thousand and hundred free online dating services around the world. Some profiles are real, some are not. How can we tell which is which? Below are 6 ways to tell how.

Check the Profile. If there is too much link in it that redirects to other websites, then maybe you’d want to think again. Also, check what the description about that person says, most fake persons online are too good to be true.

When Exchanging Message… if the person isn’t serious and sounded like she “does not read your message,” then it’s time to move on to the next person.

Copy-pasted Messages. You may want to check when she is sending messages. If she keeps on sending the same message over and over again, then what do you call that?

Ask for an IM conversation. If the person does not agree with the conversation, then it’s probably a bot. But if she agrees and doesn’t seem like interested (keeps on diverting the conversation to other things), then that’s it!

During an IM conversation, ask if you can go web cam chat. Nothing is better than seeing her face to know whether or not she is interested.

Now, the best way to really tell if she is for real is to meet in person. You may be dragged by real fakers with intense closeness and mushy dialogues but don’t be to fooled by that. Ask if you could meet; if she said no for the first time, it’s quite understandable. But for the second and third time she said no again, hmmm… are you not going to suspect already?

In spite of all the bad things that have been said about online dating, one fact is that you CAN really meet a great person online. All of us should just be careful when choosing who to date online.

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