Interracial Dating Controversies

Even today, the matter of interracial dating still remains a delicate one. Some may profess that it doesn’t really matter. Personally I think it doesn’t but the truth is not everybody, especially conventional kinds of parents, are not open to the idea of dating a different race. And naturally, we aim for the approval of our families since they are a major influence when it comes to our relationships. But that doesn’t mean that dating interracially is bad. It just means that it rests on one’s personal choice if they would want to go against their families’ views and stand up for whatever decision they may make. “I Believe” by Blessid Union of Souls anyone?

If you are just in the early stage of your relationship or are not yet ready to settle down then I guess your date’s race wouldn’t matter that much to your parents. But it is a wholly different matter when talking about serious relationships. You can either go against your family’s wishes or adhere to it. If you decided to go against it then you must be prepared to take the consequences. Ask yourself some critical questions like is he worth causing the rift that would surely come between you and your parents? If he is then by all means go. Most singles forget to ask this question thus often ending up in a situation where they are already too late to do anything about it. Don’t let that happen to you. Also, be prepared for other obstacles like your partner’s family’s indisposition towards you. This isn’t unheard of.

So what do you do? Well just one thing, honesty. Do not ever lie or conceal the truth from your parents regarding sensitive matters like interracial dating. If you’re open about it, they may be more persuaded that it is indeed your choice. If you just show them the genuine love and compassion that passes between the two of you, regardless of their race, it may be enough to persuade them that this is what you really want. If you procrastinate, you’re just denying them the chance to better analyze and react to your current situation.

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