How Long Will Online Dating and Relationships Lasts

Most of the people would think that because there is no immediate attraction between online daters, then the relationship that can be formed out of it cannot last long. But there are some studies that resulted that the opposite happens, it stated that dating singles who met in the an internet dating site like one another more than any other dating services.

Here are the four major points that McKenna, Green and Gleason also Bargh, McKenna and Fitzgerald found out in their research about online dating in 2003. They offered results showing that people who have met and known each other over the internet does not mean that there is no immediate attraction between them.

a. “Where the online dating couples meet” – couples who are far from each other and those who have different job types are less likely to succeed.

b. “What the online dating couples do together” – chemistry between the couple is very important such that they would be able to share same interests, that would then result for the romance to last longer.

c. “The amount of conversation singles have” – the longer the conversation with each other in an online dating site can be beneficial for couples to know one another in a deeper level before meeting in person.

d. “How communication is effected” – good communication between couples can result to a good relationship because it allows each other to be open with what they feel and for conflicts to be easily managed.

Online dating sites offer dating singles to find who they really want. Most of them are really serious in finding that one so if the circumstance allows them to form a relationship with that person, then they would be willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship last long. Being in an online dating scene should not be rushed such that online daters will be able to enjoy every step of the way.

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