Getting an Online Date through your Photo

Yes, photos DO matter in Online Dating. Although looks don’t matter much when it comes to online dating, photos do. Maybe some of you may be wondering why in the earth no one bumps on your profile when you already have your photo. Well, it’s either of the two things; your photo isn’t decent enough or you post a NO NO photo. But to end your questioning, below are ways on how you can have better results with your pictures.

1.First thing everyone needs to know is that you must have a good quality photo. Blurred photos can lose you some points.
2.When you post your primary photo on your profile, make sure you post a head shot and not a part of your body. Sometimes, a photo without a picture, especially if it’s the sensual part of your body, is disappointing.

3.When taking new photos, always consider your lighting. For portraits, it is best to use indirect light. Lighting in the photograph sets the mood so make sure you use the proper lighting for your photo.
4.Posting the photo of the things and people you love isn’t bad; i.e. your passion, hobbies and family. However, never post an ex boyfriend or girlfriend’s photo if you are looking for a serious relationship.
5.Always try to post more than just one photo. Multiple photos have better results than having just one photo.
6.When posting pictures in your profile, make sure that who you are posting is a picture of yourself. Do not post photos of other people, especially of celebrities, but instead your own photo. It just isn’t nice to use other people’s photo just so you can get a date.
7.Make sure you identify yourself when you post a group picture in your profile. Don’t make the people guess who you are. It’s a waste of time.
8.Make sure you post a very recent photo on your profile. People online wants to see the real you now; not what you look like 48 thousand ages ago.
9.Keep your photos close-up so people can have a clear view of your face.
10.Make sure that you post a decent photo in your profile. Even if you are looking for a casual encounter, post a decent photo of your face and not YOUR THING.

A photo in your profile is essential in Online Dating. No matter how you look like, a decent and respectable photograph is necessary. And always remember to update your photo often. By doing this put your profile in a top search. And last but certainly the very important rule, SMILE.

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