Getting a girl’s phone number

Most of the wonderful relationships that you dream about started with one simple phenomenon, the phone-number giving. Guys listen up, the phone number is essential, probably the most essential one, in starting a successful dating relationship. Communication is what you need and what better way to establish that than asking for a pretty girl’s phone number?

Now here’s the glitch, you think that it’s not that easy. Actually it is. The main problem that guys have with asking for a phone number is that they don’t know how to do it properly. This may mean that men are too scared to actually do it or worse…they take it for granted. A girl giving her real phone number is a symbol of genuine interest. You don’t want to be too excited then later find out that she gave you the Chinese food delivery number right? So how do you secure those digits? Well here are some helpful tips.More…

Be yourself

You may think that this dating advice is too old for the modern man. It isn’t. Being yourself ensures that you do not become too aggressive (to the point of being desperate for her number) or too shy (not doing anything at all), be just about right, which is what every woman looks for in a man. You don’t want to push her for her number; you have to make her want to give it to you. So be sensitive too. You have to watch for the signs, read between the lines or do those other sensitivity metaphors. If you feel that they’re absolutely resistant to giving their number even if you were non-threatening and casual, might as well not ask for it. You’re not yet in a relationship with this girl, you’ll survive.

But if you sense that she’s playing hard to get, then you should go for it! Set up circumstances in order bump into her again if she did not want to give her number the first time. Ask her if she frequents the place, or if she’ll be here same time tomorrow or the next day. Use your imagination. This will give you more chances of getting those precious digits.

Engage her in captivating conversations

Before a girl gives you her number, she must be interested. Why the hell would she want to talk to you again if she’s not? So make sure that you keep her interest in you. Talk about things that would make you interesting. Make them appropriate though. You don’t want to be talking about poverty in Africa if you met her at a bar. Fit it to your surroundings. Talk about a book you’ve read if you met her on a bookstore or your favorite genre of music if you happen to meet in a club. This eliminates the possibility of dead air. Remember that good looks will be wasted if you end up like a babbling baboon. So be smart and articulate, not just talkative.

If possible, find out things like common interests and get her to talk about that. A book that you’ve both read, a movie you both hated or food that you both loved. You’ll see that by the time you ask her for her number, she’ll no longer be hesitant and might actually be excited.

Also be sure to look out for the windows of opportunity in asking for her number. Get it before she leaves. If you’re not sensitive enough to the conversation you’re having, she may end up excusing herself for the bathroom then heading straight for the exit with you none the wiser.

Preparation is the key

If you’re going to ask for her number, be prepared! You don’t want to find yourself writing her number on an old grocery receipt that for some reason still resides in you wallet. Be smooth. You probably have a cell phone, so remember to use it! A pen and paper will also suffice as long as you make it classy. Again, grocery receipt? Not classy.

Write it in your daily planner, it will give her an impression of sophistication and an expensive pen will make her think you’re organized as opposed to the scatterbrain with the grocery receipt.

Have the guts to actually ask!

Even the most suave players out there still get rejected. What’s the harm in asking? You may be turned down but at least you took the chance. Do you know how many numbers were secured by not asking for them? None. So I say have the courage to go out there and do it! The worst thing that could happen is that they don’t give it to you. So just charge it to experience and move on to other more deserving women.

Don’t act rejected even before you actually are. Most women love the idea of being asked for her digits anyway. They’ll take it as a form of flattery.

Also keep eye contact and smile while jotting down her number. This is very important because she’ll think that your interest in her is real. You don’t want to stare her down though. She wants to date a genuine guy not Hannibal Lecter.

Be sure to also study her reactions when she’s giving your number. If she seems edgy or bored, she’s probably eager to get away from you. If she seems to stutter with her digits, she’s probably giving you the wrong one. You don’t want to waste your time pursuing a date with someone who can’t stand you anyway so you might as well not call.

Getting phone numbers is a breeze if you have the proper attitude. So just be confident and don’t be afraid to ask. You can’t get dates if you don’t get their numbers first. Do the math, no numbers: no dates. So go ahead try your luck. You never know, getting a girl’s phone number may lead to amazing dates then eventually to serious relationships. All because you had the guts to ask.

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