Dealing against a stalker

Dealing against a stalkerHave you ever dealt with Jack the Ripper stalking at you everyday? Let’s make it less ironic okay! Not the killer type but an obsessed person following you on stealth mode. Well if this thing happens to you by a known or unknown person you must take action of it before they ruin your whole life. Let’s make things even, both gender experiences the “stalking thing” but not as much with the male side.

On an office environment we are fence in a work area where we find our office mates befriend us yet with an unknown ordeal behind those friendly acts. Some of them even invade your privacy knowing your details from telephone numbers to your home address. You may be wondering, how does your private info popped out. Then all of a sudden he came by without your permission and sends you bunch of flowers. That’s a very big question mark to answer right? Well who else gonna send you those except a guy who likes you so much but you don’t feel the same way as he do. Here’s the game plan if you intend to loose his attention don’t bother afflicting any kind of attention to him. Give him a border where he will stay grounded and never had the chance to lift his foot ever again or by simply telling him that “keep away from me please” then its over. Don’t let yourself getting persuaded on dating your stalker it doesn’t sound nice.

Sometimes it can be complimenting that you’re being chase by guys, following you thru your gettos, mall hopping and even to your own home. Just a reminder guys if you want a date do it the proper way introduce yourself to them tell your name be friends and try knowing each other. Do it the descent way its way too disrespectful to anyone shadowing each step they made.

Dating is one of the complex parts of love and relationship. Things must be done the proper way before engaging to a part where your desires and obsession come to plow in your chances of finding your match. It is essential that respect and privacy is enclosed in a certain location to someone’s moral and intellectual being if you don’t want to demoralize them with your scary tactics. Stop being on the tail of anyone it is much better to be vocal and physically show yourself to them rather than hiding behind their shadows.

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