Dating with competition

Dating with competitionIf you’re familiar with the MTv show “Dismissed” you might get a hint on this article. Have you tried dating a girl but the bad thing is you’re not alone competing for her attention. Then suddenly you grind your teeth coz ego and pride comes in an outbursts. Its ridiculous having a person next to you, alternately changing his footsteps to get in front of the line and crappy part is he filled in and gets the bacon.

It looks so shitty smelling those smokes coming out from his ass when he finally got the ultimate prize of them all “The Girl”. You feel so damned experiencing that emotional torture pulling pillows, drinking beers and listen to sentimental songs you don’t wanna hear. Ouch it hurts! Well if you’re tough like the man of steal all of those mortifying thoughts will just bursts out like bubbles in thin air.

It maybe easy but once you got the composure and the guts to compete, be a gentleman and feel free to tag along. On the ladies part it’s really hard to choose the right one or sometimes they feel it annoying and cheap coz you’re competing against each other and she’s the price. Don’t treat it like a marathon dude dating is not a sport or any mixed martial art event that you can earn a prize pot on each level.

It’s the interest of love that makes ladies feel in dating and courting so stop playing around. Grab those balls and show you’re affectionate side. Make her feel that you’re not into the dating game and prove that she needs to choose you instead of that stupid guy with a stinky ass!

Sometimes it’s a challenge which involves young men to compete against each other for one girl. On the contrary we vainly look at each other’s differences and measure the flaws against the moral and the physical side. I guess you need to see yourself on a mirror and talk to yourself asking “What more do I need to have that girl?” if you feel that’s the score that margins you and your competitor. You have to think for a better plan so you can catapult yourself to her.

Every babe has their own vibe on choosing their date. It comes alternately whether both of you can come along or make a schedule for a day with you, then the jealousy part comes in. You may be guessing “What are they doing?” just remember if both you suites her taste she gives a damn about giving you an equal opportunity to score so stop worrying to much, that how things go.

Then the doomsday clock comes to tick in! After the long run the money you spend, the words and the sweet moments the decision is on the scorecards. Here’s some scenario you got dump but you gained her respect and friendship. Don’t be so fool getting bloodied she gave you a chance and you proved it! Don’t be in despair at least she has gave you option.

Bingo fireworks are on the sky, you’ve won the lottery and you have a girlfriend that’s cool isn’t it? You finally have her heart, keep it and take a good care of it or else she might end up choosing option B.

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