Dating 101: What You Need to Know about Online Dating

In the cyber world, online dating is where every men and women turn in to find friendship, love and romance. While most people find it fascinating, others look at it as a major disadvantage because of the lack of physical contact. Whatever our purpose of online dating is, it is always better to know the ins and the outs of this thing called, Internet Dating.

In your Profile: People think that if your profile is (so) full of information you WILL get bumps from other members. Well, it’s just not very true. Sometimes, too much detail on your profile doesn’t make it very exciting for the other person anymore. Don’t put everything in your profile. Make someone look forward to meet you and track you down. If all the information is already in the plate, then it’s like giving no more reason for the other person to check out more of you. Be a little mysterious and make sure that your profile reflects your personality. It pays off to be one.

In your primary photo: For some people who think that looks don’t matter in online dating, well it DO counts. While it isn’t a major factor, still uploading your very recent and decent photo is a plus point when it comes to finding love and companionship online. And last but certainly not the least is to never upload a primary photo that isn’t you, your baby picture, or an image of your body (if you know what I mean). You won’t be getting any hits without a face to show.

In the Chat Rooms: Respect, respect, respect is the number one rule in chat rooms. Just because you aren’t talking to one hundred others face-to-face doesn’t mean you need not be respectful inside chat rooms. There are a number of chat room etiquettes, but the most common is to never verbally abuse, threat or embarrass anyone else in the chat room. There are a lot of trouble makers in the cyber world and you never know what they can do to you online. Be respectful of others, and don’t speak if you don’t know what the real conversation is all about.

When exchanging messages/e-mails online: One thing all of us need to know is that not everyone in the world checks their inbox every two seconds. Wait for them to reply to your message and don’t flood them with your unending messages. Remember that you’re not the only one that person is conversing with.

When exchanging Instant Messages online: Just like in chat rooms, respect is also a major factor in Instant Messaging. Sometimes, we brag the other person if he or she did not reply with our first message. Do not send offensive words because you don’t know why it’s taking him or her a little time to reply. Another thing is to not type your message in all capital letters. This also applies in the chat rooms, as it is considered as a form of screaming or yelling at someone. Be patient, and understand that the other person might be doing something else or that he or she is also talking to ten other people online.

It is important to consider the following things to avoid online dating disasters and trouble. Just like in the traditional dating, respect, patience and understanding also counts in considering someone to be a potential partner.

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