Common Kinds of Dating

There are different kinds of dating for different kinds of people. Throughout the world, dating men and women have their own approach in meeting potential partners. However, there are some things which remain the same regardless of one’s culture and race. Listed below are the most common kinds of dating practiced by people all over the globe.

1. Serious Dating – As the name implies, this is for people who are looking for a serious relationship. Couples who see engagement, marriage and possibly kids, in their future are involved in this kind.


2. Casual Dating – This is contrary to the first item in the list. There are some singles who want to meet others and spend some time with them, but without the intention of starting a real emotional bond. They have no intention of marrying the other person. Sometimes, those who are involved in this are just looking for a sexual fix.


3. Double Dating – In this kind, two’s company and three’s not a crowd. This occurs when a couple goes out with another couple. This often happens with teens, the older set, as well as in blind dates.


4. Blind Dating – As suggested by the name, this is what happens when two strangers are set up on date, usually either by friends, relatives or co-workers.


5. Online Dating – This is surely the most popular way of hooking up these days. Because most people are too busy to go out yet spend too much time in front of their computers or laptops, this kind is most appropriate to the fast-paced life of a person living in the 21st century. Proven to be easier and more convenient that traditional dating, this kind allows individuals to connect with potential lovers on the Internet through chat or email.


6. Speed Dating – This one is slowly gaining popularity, especially with the single, 20-something set. Just like online dating, this one is designed to work for people who barely have time to mingle with others. Usually organized by a dating service, a speed dating event is where singles gather in a location and spend time with the others for as long as 10 minutes each. This is the kind of dating that allows a person to meet as many people as possible in one session.

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