Tips on How to Attract Women

We all knew that there is an endless debate between men and women. If you are a guy, then you might debate about girls. If you are a girl, you might debate about guys. And we all wanted to know how the opposite sex live. These includes what they like and what makes them happy. This is normal since a lot of us are starting to meet and embrace a life with the opposite sex. Women wanted to know and understand men while men wanted to know the ways how to attract women. Although, we still lack some of the answers among that questions. Hopefully men weren’t tired as women yet.

Each one of us act differently when we tend to meet someone of the opposite sex. And this depends on how we find them attractive. If you are single and looking for a partner, then most likely you would be nervous and at the same time excited. While those who were on a marriage wouldn’t care at all. Because they were already attached to someone they love, the person wouldn’t be that important as a someone would think, or feels. Most people at their 20s would wanted to know the best ways to attract women, and some wouldn’t take that long to figure it out. Continue reading “Tips on How to Attract Women”

When relationships end

Break up, end, relationshipStaying in a relationship is never smooth sailing. More like traversing a raging ocean on a turbulent storm. Yeah. Relationships are high maintenance social phenomenon. People who get involved with it are so lucky to be able to, but the “fun” doesn’t stop there. From thereon a lot of work actually takes place.

There are a lot of ways to meet the perfect someone these days. You could try traditional dating or the more popular ones like online dating. Online dating sites hold so much potential when it comes to finding dates. You could try online dating sites now and see what they can do for you. Most of them offer free online dating services anyway. Continue reading “When relationships end”

Should you get back together with your ex?

A break-up is what is at the other side of happily ever after. Sadly most of us get to taste this bitter pill before we end up in that kingdom far far away. That was one bad combination of metaphors. Anyway.

Break-ups of course leave the inevitable creation of the Ex. It’s not really that much news. Most relationships are bound to end eventually. This could be because of many reasons. Infidelities, difference in interest, compatibility lost, name it. But sometimes, the ex never really leaves us. There always seem to be the chance of getting back together.

So do you? Well personally I believe in second chances. You know as long as it doesn’t deal with mass murderers but seriously. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain. For people like us, who have been constantly searching for an ideal one, there aren’t a lot of chances for trials and errors. So it’s natural to want to take another shot at a relationship gone wrong. I mean you do try more than once for everything else right? Continue reading “Should you get back together with your ex?”

The Beginning of Another Attraction

So you’re involved in a steady relationship. You’re happy where you’re at and are actually satisfied with how everything is working out. You can’t ask for anything more and honestly, you actually don’t.

But then someone comes along that stirs the same heat in you. You, inadvertently, fall in love with that person as well. You are now “torn between two lovers” as the song aptly puts it. Do you break it off with your current partner to try something new or do you pass up the chance and stay with this equally satisfying commitment? What do you do? Continue reading “The Beginning of Another Attraction”