Untold Truths About Online Dating

Here are some truths that adult online dating websites keep only to themselves. Read on to find out!

It’s the other way around to cross roads

There is no mystery about online dating: when online daters meet a particular someone on their free dating site, it’s either they want sex or a relationship, or a casual partner with benefits online. Some are starting to go online dating for marriage. Thus, it lows people to get to know each other in one way.

Portraying Fantasies

It is true. A number of online daters doesn’t show the real side of their personalities and instead become someone who they dream or fancied for a long time. In the cases of online dating profiles, existing users tend to portray fantasies of who they want to be, and not the truth about Continue reading “Untold Truths About Online Dating”

Should you get back together with your ex?

A break-up is what is at the other side of happily ever after. Sadly most of us get to taste this bitter pill before we end up in that kingdom far far away. That was one bad combination of metaphors. Anyway.

Break-ups of course leave the inevitable creation of the Ex. It’s not really that much news. Most relationships are bound to end eventually. This could be because of many reasons. Infidelities, difference in interest, compatibility lost, name it. But sometimes, the ex never really leaves us. There always seem to be the chance of getting back together.

So do you? Well personally I believe in second chances. You know as long as it doesn’t deal with mass murderers but seriously. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain. For people like us, who have been constantly searching for an ideal one, there aren’t a lot of chances for trials and errors. So it’s natural to want to take another shot at a relationship gone wrong. I mean you do try more than once for everything else right? Continue reading “Should you get back together with your ex?”

The Beginning of Another Attraction

So you’re involved in a steady relationship. You’re happy where you’re at and are actually satisfied with how everything is working out. You can’t ask for anything more and honestly, you actually don’t.

But then someone comes along that stirs the same heat in you. You, inadvertently, fall in love with that person as well. You are now “torn between two lovers” as the song aptly puts it. Do you break it off with your current partner to try something new or do you pass up the chance and stay with this equally satisfying commitment? What do you do? Continue reading “The Beginning of Another Attraction”

First dates what you should do and what you should not do

We all know that the major principle behind dating is to meet someone who you can be possibly spending the rest of your life. Sometimes, a first date ends up in a mess and you will find yourself being kick on the butt. It is possible to make mistakes but do not let it take the fun. Utilize the time you spend on dating and have fun. Let us point out some reminders for you when dating out for the first time.

First Date Do’s:

Do your best to look good. Impress your date with your clean and presentable self. So to start with, dress yourself in a comfortable and appropriate manner. Moreover, you might want to smell good, too. It will earn you some extra points. Continue reading “First dates what you should do and what you should not do”

Online Dating Services: Is It Right For You?

Online dating is a great way to meet people and discover great things about them. Before you invest time and emotional energy in a relationship, give yourself a chance to read an important information about online dating. Here are the good and the bad reasons to give it a try.


There are many ways dating sites help singles: just in one place, online dating websites can offer lots of avenues for finding potential partners that you can meet online. It’s a different avenue for the place in real time. Not a lot of places in our world allows you to find the potential match that is perfectly suited and fitted for your needs of a loving partner. Continue reading “Online Dating Services: Is It Right For You?”

Lesbian Online Dating

A Lesbian Online Dating Personals is an online dating service made for ladies looking for love… of the same sex! And believe it or not, they DO find love inside!

Lesbian Online Dating sites are just like any normal online dating sites. It offers services the same as those usual online dating services, but life inside an online dating website is easier. With Lesbian Online Dating, each preference is divided into three – Gay Online Dating Personals, Lesbian Online Dating Personals, and Bisexual Online Dating Personals.

With these ‘set-up’, gays and lesbians are assured that they are in an ‘environment’ where they are accepted because the people in it share the same interests as them. In our world where it is very hard to find real and quality people who can understand you and share your interests with, joining on a lesbian online dating is a great option.

Another thing that differentiates lesbian online dating services from the ‘normal’ online dating services is that with lesbian online dating, you can identify the person as Lesbian, Bi, Queer, Butch, Femme, Trans and everything else. Lesbian Online Dating services also offer real-time chats, emailing, profiling, and telephoning, so members can get to know each other well. Lesbian Online Dating services also requires the potential member to be over 18, must have an access to Internet via Internet service provider.

What’s great about Lesbian Online Dating is that this type of online dating services doesn’t come with the share of men, thinking that they can change their mind and ‘convert.’ Lesbian Online Dating services celebrate womanly love… and thousand lesbians are inside these types of services not just to look for love, but romance and even marriage!

To Pay or Not to Pay? (Free Dating Site vs. Paid Dating Site)

Ever since Online Dating arises in the World Wide Web, men and women of here and there seemed to hook up with it, looking for love. Some prefer spending some money for a better result, while others stick to free sites, thinking that they don’t need to spend a penny just to find a date. But which is better? Free or Pay sites?

Totally Free Online Dating Sites
Totally free dating site allows you to try the website’s free services before you decide to upgrade your account and pay for the service. What is great about free dating sites is that it is more convenient. With totally free dating sites, you are free to search for members for as often and as much as you want, as well as receive messages from anyone for free. Also with totally free dating sites, you will be able to view profiles without worrying about any cost to pay. Although some sites may require some payment when send a message to someone, free dating sites doesn’t require you to join if it doesn’t meet your standards.

However, one of the disadvantages of totally free dating site is that it tends to get so crowded and there is a tendency that profiles get abandoned. Even though this may seem like an advantage, you may be attracted to wrong people, which is disappointing.

Paid Online Dating Sites
What is good about paying for an online dating site is that it is more reliable than using a free dating site. Paid online dating sites also offers better services than free sites as it allows a more defined search for those who are more specific. Another thing that is great with paying for a paid online dating site is that you are sure to find and meet someone because of the best and advanced searches the sites offer. On the other hand, the fees are not refundable when you want your account deleted and the period covered isn’t over yet.

Nevertheless, there are some online dating websites that offers an extra month or two once you haven’t met someone yet within that period. Another thing that is great about paying for an online dating site is that paid members are free to use all the matchmaking features being presented to the site, which gives the members a better and a more satisfying result.

You can only make your online dating quest only if you know where to sign up yourself, as well as keeping an open mind about everything that meets your eye.

Bisexuality: A New Trend

We’ve heard about it for sure; Bisexuality. But how come it seems to be a new trend?

If there is one thing that should be clear, it’s that being Bisexual is different from being Gay or Lesbian. Bisexuality means being attractive to both the same and opposite sex. But labeling one a bisexual isn’t the trend. It’s more of the action that makes it a trend.

Bisexuality nowadays seemed like a new trend. Everyone’s doing it, most especially by girls during party scene. There was one girl interviewed in the Tyra Banks Show saying that she was confused whether she is a Bisexual because most of her friends are Bi. The girl shares that when she was nearly falling for the guy she’s dating, she started to feel something for this girl she (thinks) she has a crush on, which made her feel (she is) a Bisexual. A lesbian couple was once even labeled to be the “cutest couple,” Coolidge High School said.

But why do a lot of girls label themselves to be Bisexual? Continue reading “Bisexuality: A New Trend”

Teen Online Dating: What you need to know

For real, how many of you out there have engaged in to this so-called “online dating?”

Actually, not only that Online Dating is popular among men and women, but teenagers as well. And for all parents, you should take note of this!

Teen Online Dating, just like any online dating personals out there, allows teenagers from all over the world to find a date online. Whether they are looking for friendship, companion, or romance, one can surely find someone inside. However, parents should guide their teens in regards with engaging into various teen online dating websites. While with some online dating sites is where teens learn how to be more confident and comfortable about the opposite sex, other teen online dating websites can be pretty harmful as well.

Teen Online Dating can be fun and exciting only if you know its pros and cons. The online dating thing can be tempting so parents should be guiding their sons and daughters with these kinds of websites, as this should be done with caution. Continue reading “Teen Online Dating: What you need to know”