The Art of Flirting

Your approach.

One should approach the other at a closer proximity. If there is no approach, there is no possibility of a contact. One would initiate in a natural way. For example, a woman is seated on a bar, a man can stand beside her and perhaps order a drink. If a man is seated on a couch, the woman can seat beside him.

Read the signs.

Once have been approached, looked for a sign if one accommodates his/her presence. Read the body language if there are signs of accommodation like slight nods, a glance, eye contact, looking up from a seat, or moving on a seat to make room. Overlooking your presence is a sign of lack of interest. If this is the case, try to regroup and try another approach. If it works, you are now going one step higher.

The conversation.

Initiate some topic that will follow a casual conversation. Engage in a mild verbal exchange that covers impersonal and general matters, and having a conversation doesn’t necessary meant to be as a way of sharing insights about life or to determine the compatibility between you. The verbal exchange between has a purpose of developing further contact.

For example, you might ask from “may I borrow your ballpen?”, say “I like the way you smile”, and further compliment, “you look like a hollywood star” progressively. But without a verbal response, there would be a less chance for you to take another step. Assume that you’ve got the responses. Then its time for body language.

The body language.

Body language starts over a period of time, it would begin by turning physically to one another, probably towards facing each other. This gesture is your goal. It may take minutes to hours, to weeks or months, to achieve this. Without achieving this goal, there wouldn’t be any good reasons to go on. So if someone turns back to you, it would be probably a waste of time. But if everything goes well…

The physical contact.

On one way or another, the woman or man may touch the other in a light way like a slight pat on the back. For example, both may accidentally brush their hands against each other while reaching for a food or drink. In a split second , these glancing touches may end but continues to repeat over time. If everything goes well with the couple, then they would be able to step in to dating and relationship. Flirting ends when a relationship starts, so start flirting.

Searching for True Love through Online Dating

Many people prefer joining online dating sites nowadays. It is very popular because meeting new people is easy, convenient and fun. Online daters have the same interest and goals, and that is to meet and find their partners. People should consider their safety with dealing with strangers they met online. These people might use online dating services to cheat, lie and take advantage of others.
There are things you should remember in online dating. You should take it slow. It’s okay to pursue on someone but you should consider your safety. Follow what your instinct tells you. If you are hesitant towards the person, don’t go for it.

You should respect the privacy of others for them to respect yours too. Don’t give your personal information – name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. if you don’t know and trust the person. If you want to stay safe, you should be anonymous. Continue reading “Searching for True Love through Online Dating”

6 tips to a successful online dating experience

Online dating sites are now more popular than ever. Their members come form everywhere and are constantly growing. All of them are looking for the chance to help them find the one in…well, cyberspace.

You might feel the urge to join an online dating site so to help you do so, here are six tips to a successful online dating experience: Continue reading “6 tips to a successful online dating experience”

Office Romance: Boon or Bane?

Love is a pretty enigmatic thing. Sometimes we fall into it in places that we never thought of and in circumstances that we surely didn’t imagine. Like falling in love with someone you work with for example. A lot of people believe that this may even be the perfect place to fall in love in. You spend most of your time with her thus giving you a lot of opportunities to really know her. But of course we all know that it isn’t that simple.

A lot of issues are associated with office romances. Just think of a situation where a co-worker suddenly courts you by sending you gifts, imagine the gossip that would follow! There are companies that include not dating as part of their policy because it may compromise the work quality and the company’s professionalism. So before you think of getting yourself involved in one, make sure that you know the possible ramifications that doing so entails. Continue reading “Office Romance: Boon or Bane?”

How to determine women’s flirting and courting signals

The casual way of showing your interest to women is flirting with them. But some big questions lay against your head determining these flirting signals, flirting is a provocative gestures they which shows interests towards a certain person. However most of these signs should be ignored it can be deceptive and can harm you for the rest of the way. Women are actively showing their attraction to men yet when approach they just ignore you and leaves a big bump on your head making men look stupid assuming to have a chance.

Do women flirts when they like guys?

If you feel flirted by an attractive girl what will you do? Will you assume that she’s attracted to you? It can be advantageous if women show some gestures to lure you in. She maybe interested to you yet you have to be very cautious at the same time. Put your guards on because some ladies are just playful but not serious on liking someone like you. However you just set your foot forward on dealing such situations. You must understand that you are into some unforeseen state that you can’t determine the outcome. By observing their gestures you may feel their interest on you at the same time manage your threshold before giving too much attention to women. She may just give you headaches and heartbreak if you roll into them instantly. Continue reading “How to determine women’s flirting and courting signals”

Battling the aches of rejection

The battle against bitterness begins when you felt the aches of rejection. Dealing with rejection takes time to heal but if we have the proper composure and bright personality it is easy to unleash the heartache. Most of us will have this kind of experience however men deals with it in an ironic manner! Believe it or not it is harder for men to move on after a break up. It sounds pathetic but it is the true nature of men, they can’t deal with rejections and the sad thing is it gives them the burden of solitary confinement.

I can give you piece of advices to grapple the sting of rejection, here are some facts you need to ponder:

Hunt women with less physical attributes but with interesting personality.

Most men are physically vein of meeting women. They look on the superficial side without looking at the defects of their identity. Men should feel the soul of the women they choose to love, not looking at them at the physical sight. Men should value more on women’s personality. You should look at the deeper part of women and not appraising them on their physical charm. Instead focus on their moral, their inert goodness and their disposition. Just a piece if advice, don’t take the inner part for granted, don’t be physically vein of choosing an attractive lady due to their beauty. Meeting a simple lady can give you the joy and happiness you intend to have. Continue reading “Battling the aches of rejection”

Untold Truths About Online Dating

Here are some truths that adult online dating websites keep only to themselves. Read on to find out!

It’s the other way around to cross roads

There is no mystery about online dating: when online daters meet a particular someone on their free dating site, it’s either they want sex or a relationship, or a casual partner with benefits online. Some are starting to go online dating for marriage. Thus, it lows people to get to know each other in one way.

Portraying Fantasies

It is true. A number of online daters doesn’t show the real side of their personalities and instead become someone who they dream or fancied for a long time. In the cases of online dating profiles, existing users tend to portray fantasies of who they want to be, and not the truth about Continue reading “Untold Truths About Online Dating”

Should you get back together with your ex?

A break-up is what is at the other side of happily ever after. Sadly most of us get to taste this bitter pill before we end up in that kingdom far far away. That was one bad combination of metaphors. Anyway.

Break-ups of course leave the inevitable creation of the Ex. It’s not really that much news. Most relationships are bound to end eventually. This could be because of many reasons. Infidelities, difference in interest, compatibility lost, name it. But sometimes, the ex never really leaves us. There always seem to be the chance of getting back together.

So do you? Well personally I believe in second chances. You know as long as it doesn’t deal with mass murderers but seriously. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain. For people like us, who have been constantly searching for an ideal one, there aren’t a lot of chances for trials and errors. So it’s natural to want to take another shot at a relationship gone wrong. I mean you do try more than once for everything else right? Continue reading “Should you get back together with your ex?”

The Beginning of Another Attraction

So you’re involved in a steady relationship. You’re happy where you’re at and are actually satisfied with how everything is working out. You can’t ask for anything more and honestly, you actually don’t.

But then someone comes along that stirs the same heat in you. You, inadvertently, fall in love with that person as well. You are now “torn between two lovers” as the song aptly puts it. Do you break it off with your current partner to try something new or do you pass up the chance and stay with this equally satisfying commitment? What do you do? Continue reading “The Beginning of Another Attraction”