Bisexuality: A New Trend

We’ve heard about it for sure; Bisexuality. But how come it seems to be a new trend?

If there is one thing that should be clear, it’s that being Bisexual is different from being Gay or Lesbian. Bisexuality means being attractive to both the same and opposite sex. But labeling one a bisexual isn’t the trend. It’s more of the action that makes it a trend.

Bisexuality nowadays seemed like a new trend. Everyone’s doing it, most especially by girls during party scene. There was one girl interviewed in the Tyra Banks Show saying that she was confused whether she is a Bisexual because most of her friends are Bi. The girl shares that when she was nearly falling for the guy she’s dating, she started to feel something for this girl she (thinks) she has a crush on, which made her feel (she is) a Bisexual. A lesbian couple was once even labeled to be the “cutest couple,” Coolidge High School said.

But why do a lot of girls label themselves to be Bisexual?

While most girls get the pleasure of engaging into a girl-on-girl action in public, most of them do that and label themselves as one because of their frustration with guys. Second, some girls do it to get attention. Being Bisexual is an attention-seeking behavior. Third, it’s the sexual exploration and satisfaction that other females perceived as a safer option.

Moreover, Bisexual Online Dating is a place for bi-females, bi couples, gays and lesbians looking for friendship, companion and romance. Inside Bisexual Online Dating websites you can find real-time chat with bisexual singles, pen-pals, new friends, and free chats, which allows you to meet people with similar interests as you.

Being Bisexual isn’t just about hooking up and kissing in public, it’s about being comfortable with oneself… which is vital to everyone.

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