Battling the aches of rejection

The battle against bitterness begins when you felt the aches of rejection. Dealing with rejection takes time to heal but if we have the proper composure and bright personality it is easy to unleash the heartache. Most of us will have this kind of experience however men deals with it in an ironic manner! Believe it or not it is harder for men to move on after a break up. It sounds pathetic but it is the true nature of men, they can’t deal with rejections and the sad thing is it gives them the burden of solitary confinement.

I can give you piece of advices to grapple the sting of rejection, here are some facts you need to ponder:

Hunt women with less physical attributes but with interesting personality.

Most men are physically vein of meeting women. They look on the superficial side without looking at the defects of their identity. Men should feel the soul of the women they choose to love, not looking at them at the physical sight. Men should value more on women’s personality. You should look at the deeper part of women and not appraising them on their physical charm. Instead focus on their moral, their inert goodness and their disposition. Just a piece if advice, don’t take the inner part for granted, don’t be physically vein of choosing an attractive lady due to their beauty. Meeting a simple lady can give you the joy and happiness you intend to have.

Try to determine what turns women away from you.

If you got rejected more than a couple of times. Probably there’s a huge question mark sprouting over your head right now asking yourself for the reasons of being rejected. Ironically speaking there are fallacious things you need to change imperatively. It can be your manners, your gestures and most importantly your attitude toward women.

You must learn to change your personal defect manage to cope up with it! It will give you the right answers on why you are experiencing rejections. Men should learn to respect women’s thoughts by observing their body gestures. Be intuitive and accept facts that some part of your life has consequences you need to past over. Accept things in a manner that you alone know the reason that somehow you’ll manage to turnover.

Honestly and sincerely tell your thoughts

They say that honesty is the best policy! If this phrase intends to draw attention with women I guess it is applicable and appreciate in all angles. Rejection can be your step ladder of mastering attraction to women. However you must learn to have the guts and learn to measure your distance of acquiring them. If you have and experience of being rejected probably you have change some of your incorrect values of attracting women. In a mutual relationship men are the one who sets fire in all cases they must be the one taking charge of the action. Never wait for the women to make the first move because they never will.

Many men are very timid of saying their thoughts. This can be emotionally constraining to them since they hinder and compress their feelings in place where every word is locked inside. How far will you go ceasing your thought in a brick wall? Why not try confiding it! Say it honestly to her because she has the right to know. Guys should learn to foretell their feelings towards women. If not, it can give you a heavy heart that you’ll carry on with resentment.

Learn to intensify your character, women likes it!

Do you know that women know how physically vein men are? This serves right of attracting women. Physically men likes to look good in all manners so if you’re gifted with a ramp model fixture use it, because it will surely draw huge attention to attractive ladies around you. Some ladies look at men on their exterior assets, if you’re the aggressive kind of guy hook it up stop standing there drive your way to her. On the contrary some ladies look more on the inner personality of the guy. My advice is, be transparent to show the real side of your personality. Look at the brighter side women likes affectionate men so stop whining for not finding the match for you. Women are everywhere all you need is, think outside the box and learn to feel them.

The aches of rejection can reside in you at least for a while learning to cope up with it will eventually release your bitterness and doubt! Therefore giving you the right minded and the stable frame of moving on. It is much learned rather than earning your way to someone easily. It takes time to meet that special someone for you, set aside those doubts and everything is just a roll of a dice. Acceptance is the easiest way out from rejection.

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