A Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating

Is this your first time in Online Dating? Let this article guide you all the way to finding a surefire date online!

Where to Sign Up: Before you do the registration thing, make a research first on which Online Dating site is reliable. I know this will take some time but nothing is bad in making sure that where you put yourself into is somewhere trustworthy and respectable.

Upon Registration: Read carefully everything you fill up as well as the terms and conditions before clicking the “Sign Me Up” button. Make sure you understand whatever is written in there so you can avoid mess ups after.

On your Profile: Keep your profile neat, brief and understandable. Do not post personal details such as phone numbers and addresses. Make sure that consistency is there. Do not post “what you don’t like” in a person and do not sugarcoat. Your profile must reflect YOU.

On your Primary Photo: Post nothing but a photo that is decent, recent, has a good quality, clear and your OWN face; not someone else’s or a part of your body.

On your Headline: Something that is catchy and reflects your own personality is a good one. Avoid foul language if you’re not that type of person and aren’t comfortable with those kind of words.

On Stumbling on Another Profile: when you find someone that interests you approach him or her in a nice way. Send him or her message introducing your self in a rightful manner.

In searching for possible matches: If you are someone who is serious in meeting someone for a possible long term relationship, make your search specific as possible for a better result.

In Chat rooms: Respect everyone inside the room and do not verbally abuse. Don’t talk if you don’t know without knowing the real topic. Read the Proper Chat room Etiquette if you want more information about this.

If you are new to the online dating world, Online Dating can be fun and exciting once the above information is being followed. But of course, above everything else, safety and attitude is what’s real important in Online Dating… just like in traditional dating.

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