The perfect boyfriend

Men should be output minded beings. There must always be something that he is looking for. In attraction for example, they shouldn’t be just in it for the thrill, they’re in it for the result. Most men don’t get this so they immediately dial down after they’ve got a woman’s attention. As if it’s over and done already. Well it’s not. Being with a woman still takes a lot of hard work so don’t be like any of the other guys she dated who did exactly that. Be unique.

Cleanliness is the key
Take advantage of what women are like and what they want the most. For example, women in general, love cleanliness. So it would do you well to maintain a tidy flat. Show her that you are clean at home, this will give her an incentive to voluntarily come over. If you always just rush cleaning up, sooner or later she will find out and it just might disgust her in the end.

Develop skills
If you really want to stand out, try developing some skills. One classic example is knowing how to cook. I mean how many men do you know who knows how to cook well? Just learn a few simple recipes and make it a point to cook for her once in a while. You don’t have to be the best but being knowledgeable surely helps. And it works both ways too. One is that you’ll save so much more compared to treating her out and two, she’ll really appreciate the heart and effort that you put into cooking for her.

Show her you’re fun
You may also want to incorporate things in your home to give your girl the feeling that you are relaxed, fun and laid back. Try putting up pictures of family and friends. They show that you treasure the relationship that you have with others and she’ll relate to that. Plus they are great conversation starters.

Be the gentleman
Actions-wise, you should also practice being the perfect gentleman. Even simple gestures will really say a lot. Like offering your coat if it’s a little cold, pulling her chair for her when you’re dining out or holding the door open when she enters a room. You may not realize it immediately but you are steadily scoring points with her if you keep that up.

Now all of these take patience and practice. And balance too. You want to be a gentleman but not sissy. You want to be chivalrous but not cocky. Always keep balance and sooner or later, she will find the perfect boyfriend in you.

Men must haves!

Dating for single men can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Half of the time, you’re just feeling your way throughout your entire date. You’re sidestepping, being careful and most of the time guessing on what to do next.

So here is where we can help. You must know that there are certain things, material or otherwise, that you should bring or have when going out on a date. Having these things will greatly increase your chance of success when you are dating.

Appealing style

Men should always bring an appealing style when going out on a date. This doesn’t mean wearing crisp suits. Or sporting the latest high fashion. Nor does it mean putting on the most expensive clothes. No, appeal should lie on how you look with the clothes on, not just the clothes themselves. This is important to remember because most single men out there always get the wrong idea of having an appealing style.

Clothes should give you comfort and self confidence. So dress in clothes that will make you “FEEL” appealing not just because some model poses in it on billboards. No, just make sure that it’s clean and appropriate and you’re all set. If you feel good sporting your style, then your date will see confidence and security from you. And that my friend is very sexy indeed.


Stop being so damn nervous all the time! Single women out there don’t go dating just to search for the perfect nervous wreck. They want to date the confident and relaxed guy, not the guys who sweat way too much. Dating is a very exciting and fun venture. Enjoy it! Have fun and be yourself. Women respond to men who are more like themselves rather than those who struggle to pretend like someone they’re not. Be confident with who you are as a person and your date will immediately see your amazing personality. If she still doesn’t like you after that, then at least you’re sure that she isn’t worth the time.


Yes, gifts are also important to bring on dates. Especially if it is your first. But be creative as well. Don’t go for the old types like chocolates and flowers. Choose gifts that carry significance for your date. Going with the usuals will have her thinking that you’re boring and lacking in imagination. Stereotypical in fact. So make sure to give her something different. A book that she said she liked in passing, or an album of a genre of music that she mentioned she love. This will earn you more brownie points because it shows that you pay close attention to what she says and is genuinely interested in her.

The “man” aura

Most single men forget to have this on dates. The result? They become an honorary girlfriend but never a boyfriend. Dating happens between a man and a woman so each role is reserved for only one. Play the part of the man when you’re out on a date. Be assertive, in control, be the one who takes charge. Be decisive and firm, don’t be a pushover. She’ll think you’re weak and insecure if you don’t. Don’t expect your date to lead. That responsibility lies on you. You’re a man for crying out loud, so act like one!


Don’t be an open book just after the first few dates. This is never good. You immediately eliminate the need for getting to know you further. Be mysterious and an enigma instead. I’m not saying be cold and indifferent, no. I’m telling you to pick carefully what you share. This will help keep her interest in you because she knows that you still have more to offer. And she’ll be dying to know what those are.

Sense of humor

Another vital must have. As I said before, dating is fun so be sure to make it so! Don’t be so serious all the time. Dating isn’t work, in fact it’s more of a game. So lighten up and relax. If you’re so uptight all the time, then you’re going to send your date to boredom overdrive. If you’re free, casual and able to effectively crack a joke on the other hand, then she’ll be enjoying herself as well.

The Art of Flirting

Your approach.

One should approach the other at a closer proximity. If there is no approach, there is no possibility of a contact. One would initiate in a natural way. For example, a woman is seated on a bar, a man can stand beside her and perhaps order a drink. If a man is seated on a couch, the woman can seat beside him.

Read the signs.

Once have been approached, looked for a sign if one accommodates his/her presence. Read the body language if there are signs of accommodation like slight nods, a glance, eye contact, looking up from a seat, or moving on a seat to make room. Overlooking your presence is a sign of lack of interest. If this is the case, try to regroup and try another approach. If it works, you are now going one step higher.

The conversation.

Initiate some topic that will follow a casual conversation. Engage in a mild verbal exchange that covers impersonal and general matters, and having a conversation doesn’t necessary meant to be as a way of sharing insights about life or to determine the compatibility between you. The verbal exchange between has a purpose of developing further contact.

For example, you might ask from “may I borrow your ballpen?”, say “I like the way you smile”, and further compliment, “you look like a hollywood star” progressively. But without a verbal response, there would be a less chance for you to take another step. Assume that you’ve got the responses. Then its time for body language.

The body language.

Body language starts over a period of time, it would begin by turning physically to one another, probably towards facing each other. This gesture is your goal. It may take minutes to hours, to weeks or months, to achieve this. Without achieving this goal, there wouldn’t be any good reasons to go on. So if someone turns back to you, it would be probably a waste of time. But if everything goes well…

The physical contact.

On one way or another, the woman or man may touch the other in a light way like a slight pat on the back. For example, both may accidentally brush their hands against each other while reaching for a food or drink. In a split second , these glancing touches may end but continues to repeat over time. If everything goes well with the couple, then they would be able to step in to dating and relationship. Flirting ends when a relationship starts, so start flirting.

Searching for True Love through Online Dating

Many people prefer joining online dating sites nowadays. It is very popular because meeting new people is easy, convenient and fun. Online daters have the same interest and goals, and that is to meet and find their partners. People should consider their safety with dealing with strangers they met online. These people might use online dating services to cheat, lie and take advantage of others.
There are things you should remember in online dating. You should take it slow. It’s okay to pursue on someone but you should consider your safety. Follow what your instinct tells you. If you are hesitant towards the person, don’t go for it.

You should respect the privacy of others for them to respect yours too. Don’t give your personal information – name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. if you don’t know and trust the person. If you want to stay safe, you should be anonymous. Continue reading “Searching for True Love through Online Dating”

6 tips to a successful online dating experience

Online dating sites are now more popular than ever. Their members come form everywhere and are constantly growing. All of them are looking for the chance to help them find the one in…well, cyberspace.

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