Chat Room Good Manners and Right Conduct

In online dating, chat room is one of the major sources to meet people for a possible date online. And of course, just like in Online Dating, there is also a proper manner when inside a chat room; and those are as follows:

If there is a number one rule to be applied in all chat room that is to be respectful to all the people inside (the chat room). Do not disrespect others if you don’t want to be disrespected as well. They may not be able to see your face but remember that they can track you down and do something to you.

Moreover, never use abusive words or expressions in the chat room. Threatening, attacking, embarrassing and verbally abusing chatter is a big No No. If you feel that an argument is arising, do not argue back. Instead, you can do either of the two things; ignore them or just leave the chat room. Continue reading “Chat Room Good Manners and Right Conduct”

Dating out of your Race: Interracial Online Dating

You know what our folks told us not to date someone that’s out of our own race; well, in the world of online dating, Interracial Dating is just “in.” While other people stick to find dates inside their race, other people prefer it the other way around.

Interracial dating is a very controversial subject and will forever be. However, some people choose to date out of their comfort zone for the reason that they are dating what attracts them and has nothing to do with races. Unlike the usual online dating, interracial dating doesn’t single out anyone, regardless of the race. Interracial dating does not only involve Blacks and White people, but dating other races that doesn’t fall on their same race as well; i.e. Asians or any other races. Continue reading “Dating out of your Race: Interracial Online Dating”