Online Dating Tips for Women

Women who have tried blind dating and going to bars and parties switched to online dating for a better result. And yes, not only do men find a hard time looking for that special girl online; but women as well.

1.Put up your own photo. Do not upload someone else’s picture and pretend (to be) someone you’re not. Men will love you for who you are, regardless how many freckles you have on your face.
2.Trust your instincts. Always! You know women knows about this “woman’s instinct.” You know you want to trust everyone you meet online, but once you feel that something is wrong, you might be correct about it.
3.Don’t give out personal details. You know those girls who are missing but later found dead on a secluded place? If you don’t want that to happen to you then you must not give out your personal data’s online; i.e., home and office address and anything else that will identify you.

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Top Ten Online Dating Rules

Yes, there is such thing as Online Dating Rules. And these ten rules are just some of the many others that should NOT be ignored.

Rule #10: Online dating is for people who are looking for friendship, companion, romance or casual sex. Thou shall not be jealous when the person you’re “dating” with online is also seeing ten other ladies, especially if you haven’t tied the relationship yet.
Rule #9: Don’t expect too much from internet dating, but don’t lose hope. If you are patience and are really serious in finding romance, you will surely find someone real and honest that will truly love you.
Rule #8: Do not write a 500-word non sense in your profile. Always remember to keep everything short but to the point. BUT, avoid one liner also. No one wants to read a long profile or a one liner. Continue reading “Top Ten Online Dating Rules”