What women want

Many men have difficulty determining what women really want. Liking a woman means keeping the interest in them alive. To be able to do so, men must understand what it is that women really really want. Not just what men think they do. First thing that a man must do is to accept the difference between the sexes. For example, the demeanor and attitude that men exhibit when among peers isn’t exactly the way a woman envisions her man to be. Where you can be gruff among buddies, you must be more gentlemanly when around women that you like.

Let’s look at it carefully. If you really like a woman then you would do all means to see that affection returned. Probably love and if that’s the case, you would want it to last forever. Therefore you must know how to choose your battles and what’s more is that you know how to win them. To help you achieve those crucial victories, here are some qualities that would serve you well as weapons. Qualities, in short, that needs possessing if you want to secure that love. Continue reading “What women want”