Taking it to the next level

It’s important for any kind of relationship to have some direction. It just doesn’t make any sense if you both know it’s not heading somewhere. So it is vital that you take the relationship to the next level. But when do you do it and how are you going to know if you’re ready?

Most people say that it’s time to move out of the dating phase and into the relationship phase once you hit a year. I think it should be sooner. If you read the criteria below you’ll find out why it is better.

I think the time for “the talk” should come after six months of dating. Six months with a person gives you enough time to really know their personality. You have enough information to base your decisions on whether you could both be in it for the long run. And if you’re not, it would be much quicker to get over her and to resume looking for the right person. I mean we all want to find “the one” right? Continue reading “Taking it to the next level”