The Right Clothes to Wear

So you’ve successfully asked a hot girl out on a date? Well kudos for you my man! You must want to make everything perfect for the first date. And where do you start? Well with what you wear of course! Of course, looking god is no definitive measure on how the date will turn out. Whether if it’s going to be romance or disaster but still, it would help a lot.

Here are some tips to help you choose what to wear for that ever-important date. You need to know these things because it just may save you some crucial dollars or else make you realize that you have to lose a few after all.

First you must keep in mind the context. Make sure that what you wear is appropriate for the place, time and type of your date. Are you going somewhere fancy? Or are you just going for a walk in the park or a stroll in the beach? Appropriate the conventions for whatever type of date you’re in. Continue reading “The Right Clothes to Wear”