10 Tips for a better Christian Online Dating

Here are top ten tips for a better Christian online dating for those Christians who value their faith in finding love.

Do not reveal your real information. There is such a thing as safe online dating and this applies to every type of online dating; including religious dating such as Christian Online Dating.
Choose whom to trust. Forget that you are in a Christian Online Dating. Make sure you can trust the other person by getting to know him deeper.
Do not hurry. Take time. If the guy insists that you talk over the phone or see each other that time and you’re not ready, be not afraid to tell him.
Use a temporary email when signing up for an online dating site. It’s called reassurance.
Use discretion with photos. With Christian online dating, you may want to upload those that are more “wholesome” for others.
Don’t be aggressive and demanding. This is Christian Online Dating, so don’t ask a woman to strip that easily.
Post a good photo. Not a sexy one. With Christian Online Dating, decency is a major factor.
Be honest with your profile. There is no point of lying, just state what is correct and pretend you’re good at something when you’re not.
Make sure you meet in a public place. It’s still online dating so you should always make sure that who you are meeting with is such on the same floor.
Respect. This is the most important of all. If a woman tells you that she is not interested, do not be disheartened and don’t write back anymore. For sure you’ll find lots of other women out there.
All of us must keep in mind that once you have someone that you think is interesting make sure you talk to that person online first and see him or her through a video chat… be it the usual online dating, homosexual dating, or religious dating, just like Christian Online Dating.

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